Patch A Small Tear In Your Car's Vinyl Convertible Top

Learn how to patch a small tear in your car's vinyl convertible top by following these instructions. Once you have complete the repair, moisture will not penetrate through the top, preventing damage to the interior of your vehicle. Materials Needed non-abrasive cloth mild dish detergent water upholstery thread upholstery needle scissors safety pins marine vinyl duct tape fabric adhesive cotton swab Clean The Damaged Area And Stitch The Tear

Why You Should Be Worry Of Collisions At Slow To Moderate Speeds

Although you may not know it, car collisions at low to moderate speeds do result in serious damages. Therefore, you should be very careful of the drivers behind and ahead of you even if the traffic is moving slowly. Here are some of the damages your car may sustain at those speeds. Bumper Bumper damage is inevitable because, in most cases, it is the outermost part of the car. This means that even in a collision that involves the least contact possible, the bumper will not be spared.

Common Questions Concerning Automobile Frame Damage

Your car requires many different moving parts to function, but one of the most important parts of the car will never move. The frame is essential for ensuring that the vehicle is stable when it is being driven. Sadly, accidents can cause the frame to become warped, and when this happens, it is important to have the damage repaired to ensure your car is safe to drive. Yet, many drivers are not very informed about frame damage, but having two frequent questions addressed will help you to be more informed about this vital part of your car.

Car Painting 101: Do You Need Primer?

When you paint your own car, using primer is typically one of the first steps. Primer helps the paint adhere better to the car, helps the paint job last longer, and gives it a smoother texture. However, not all paint jobs require primer. Here is what you should know about primer and deciding if you need it. About Paint Primer Paint primer is often used before painting your car, but isn't always mandatory.