Determining Whether You Can Repair Collision Damage on a Car

Folks seeking collision repair services often worry about whether their vehicle is too damaged to be repaired. Here are four ways to assess the chance that collision damage can be fixed. 1. Location The location of the damage often dictates how easily the repairs will be performed. If a vehicle suffered a side impact with damage to the frame, that's a major issue. That level of damage would require repairs to the frame before more basic auto bodywork would be possible.

Auto Collision Damage: Repair, Restore, or Replace?

Even a minor car accident can leave your car with an unsightly dent. If the damage is only to a body panel, repairs are usually simple. You will typically be presented with three options. The best one to choose depends on both your budget and the extent of the damage. Paintless Repair The least expensive and quickest repair option is paintless dent repair. The auto repair tech will use special tools, like rubber mallets and suction cups, to carefully pull out and straighten the dent.

The Benefits of Mil Spec Coating

If you manufacture something that requires a specific color, you might be currently painting each individual part as it comes off the production line. While paint is a tried and true way to get the job done and is probably working well enough for you, there is another option you might want to consider. Contacting a military specification coating supplier about the benefits of powder coating could transform your products and the benefits that you provide to your customers.

Applying Wraps To Your Commercial Vehicles

A vehicle wrap can be an effective and popular option for businesses that are looking for an option to easily advertise on company vehicles. As with other advertising strategies, you will need to be sure that you are committing enough thought and planning for this effort. Consider How The Vehicle Will Be Used When Creating The Design One mistake that people will make with their wraps is failing to effectively consider the way that their commercial vehicles will be used.

4 Tips To Know When You Take Your Car In For Repairs And Paint After An Accident

After an accident, you want to get your car repaired and painted quickly. Before you get your car back on the road, you will want to know a few things about auto body repairs and the paintwork that needs to be done. Are you going to need to make an insurance claim? Will you be able to match the factory paint? Is there any work that you can do on your own?