4 Types Of Services An Auto Body Repair Shop Offers

When your vehicle's body is damaged, you will want to get it fixed at an auto accident repair shop. These shops offer a wide range of services that will help to get your vehicle looking good and running smoothly again.

Type #1: Glass & Window Repair

Vehicles have a lot of glass, from the windshield to the windows and the driver side mirrors, and even the light bulb covers on the vehicle. There is a lot of glass that can get damaged, and your auto body shop should be able to take care of all that damaged glass. They can fix and repair small chips and cracks in the windows and windshields. They can replace damaged windows, windshields, mirrors, headlight casings, taillights, signal lights, and bulbs. These are relatively easy jobs that can often be completed in a day.

Type #2: Bumper Repair

In many accidents, the bumper ends up suffering most of the damage for the accident. An auto body shop may be able to salvage your bumper and reshape it before they put it through the repainting process. If the bumper isn't salvageable, they can install a new bumper for you and ensure that the paint matches the rest of your vehicle.

Type #3: Scratch Repair

Over time, scratches, chips, and nicks can occur to the paint on your vehicle. Scratches and nicks may not seem like that big of a deal. Still, they leave your vehicle vulnerable to salt, water, and other elements that can result in corrosion and rust, which is why it is so essential to get touch-ups done on your vehicle.

A professional touch-up, high-quality primer, and sealant will be applied to any damaged areas on your vehicle. Then, they will add an eco-friendly base coat and reinforce the paint with a clear finish before polishing everything up.

Taking care of paint damage will ensure that your vehicle looks great and is protected from corrosion and rust, which can do a real number to your vehicle.

Type #4: Collision Repair

If your vehicle was involved in a serious accident, then an auto body shop can engage in collision repair. With collision repair, they are going to assess how serious the damage is. They will determine if the body parts can be repaired and what repair methods can be used. If the damage can't be repaired, then they will figure out if the part can be replaced. Collision repair is a detailed process that can take multiple days to complete.

If your vehicle has some type of visible damage to it, you are going to want to take it to an auto body shop, where they offer a range of services to fix up just about any damage to your vehicle.