Collision Repair Myths Debunked

Car collisions can be a distressing experience that can last for days as you try to get your car repaired. However, some of the stress is unnecessary as it's based on existing myths. Learning facts about car collision restoration can help you avoid potential risks and unnecessary stress.

Here are the common collision repair myths.

Car Insurers Demand Three Estimates to Cater for the Repairs

This is not true. The rule of three does not apply to insurance accident restoration. A single estimate is enough as car insurers carry out their assessment before proceeding with the repair. In case of a car collision accident, it's best to contact your insurer for an elaboration on what to do. Don't waste time visiting different auto shops gathering estimates as this could be a waste of time.

Car Insurance Caters for All Repair Costs

Car owners wish this could be true, but it's not. The type of repairs catered for by the insurance depend on the type of insurance cover you purchase. Therefore, reading and understanding your insurance fine print is important when purchasing an auto collision cover to avoid disappointments during collision repairs.

You Can Only Visit Auto Body Shops Recommended by Your Insurer

Although car insurers provide suggestions on auto body shops to visit, you are at will to select an automobile shop you prefer. Normally, the suggested auto repair shops offer incentives like free wheel alignment and balancing.  

Once Your Car Frame Is Damaged, All Is Lost

This is not true. You can still repair your car as long as the car frame has not been totally wrecked. But, you need to find an experienced collision repair mechanic shop for effective restoration. Besides, most modern cars have unibody frames that are straightforward to repair. 

Your Vehicle Will Never be the Same Again

Although your car will sustain various damages, this does not mean it cannot be fixed. Normally, collision damages range from minor scratches to replacing major mechanical parts. All you need is to find a reliable collision repair service with the capacity to fix your car. Once all the car damage is fixed, carefully inspect the car to ascertain that everything is in place.

You have probably heard many myths regarding collision repair after a car crash. However, debunking these myths should help you take the right steps towards restoring your car. Remember, all is not lost and you can restore your car to its previous condition if you partner with a reliable auto body shop. Look into collision repair services near you.