4 Types Of Services An Auto Body Repair Shop Offers

When your vehicle's body is damaged, you will want to get it fixed at an auto accident repair shop. These shops offer a wide range of services that will help to get your vehicle looking good and running smoothly again. Type #1: Glass & Window Repair Vehicles have a lot of glass, from the windshield to the windows and the driver side mirrors, and even the light bulb covers on the vehicle.

Determining Whether You Can Repair Collision Damage on a Car

Folks seeking collision repair services often worry about whether their vehicle is too damaged to be repaired. Here are four ways to assess the chance that collision damage can be fixed. 1. Location The location of the damage often dictates how easily the repairs will be performed. If a vehicle suffered a side impact with damage to the frame, that's a major issue. That level of damage would require repairs to the frame before more basic auto bodywork would be possible.

Auto Collision Damage: Repair, Restore, or Replace?

Even a minor car accident can leave your car with an unsightly dent. If the damage is only to a body panel, repairs are usually simple. You will typically be presented with three options. The best one to choose depends on both your budget and the extent of the damage. Paintless Repair The least expensive and quickest repair option is paintless dent repair. The auto repair tech will use special tools, like rubber mallets and suction cups, to carefully pull out and straighten the dent.