Automotive Collision Repair: 4 Repair Solutions Your Technician Can Offer To Fix Dents

Whenever car accidents happen, nobody wants their vehicle to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, dents, scratches, and other damages are often left behind that can impede the car's performance and aesthetic appeal. Automotive collision repair can help restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition and give it a fresh start. Here are four repair solutions your technician can offer to fix dents:

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)  

PDR technique can repair minor dents and hail damage without painting the affected area. The technician can use specialized tools to massage the dent out from the inside, resulting in a seamless and cost-effective vehicle repair. The technician can also use PDR to fix door dings or minor creases which are difficult to remove without damaging the paint.

Bonding and Filling

If a dent is too deep or complex, bonding and filling may be the best solution. The technician can use a bonding agent to fill in the dent, creating a smooth surface. After that, they can sand, prime, and paint the area to ensure it matches the rest of the car. However, this technique is a more time-consuming and expensive repair solution as it requires a meticulous touch.

Panel Beating

The panel beating technique involves hammering the damaged area out from the inside. The technician can use a mallet and dolly to restore the panel to its original shape. They can also use a welding machine to join the panel together and sand it down for a seamless finish. However, the process requires a lot of skill and experience to fix the dents without creating any further damage.

Pulling & Riveting

If the dents are too severe, pulling and riveting may be needed. The technician can use special tools to pull the dent out and then use a rivet gun and metal screws to fix it. They can also use specialized fillers to patch any gaps before applying a coat of primer and paint. The repair solution is often used when other solutions cannot restore the panel to its pre-accident condition, as it requires more labor and materials.

Whether you've been in a minor fender bender or a serious crash, your car may need some attention from a certified automotive collision repair technician. With repair solutions such as paintless dent repair, bonding and filling, panel beating, and pulling and riveting, your technician can help restore your car to its original condition.

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