Door Dents And Repair Processes

Dents that are apparent on a vehicle's door could greatly affect the appearance of your vehicle and the eventual need to have major repairs performed. Since structural damage could be more severe than you initially thought, it is always best to have your vehicle inspected and repaired by a certified auto body technician. 

Common Door Issues

Damage to a door could be minor and only result in a few scratches and minimal dents. This type of damage could occur if a shopping cart were to bang into your vehicle's door or if airborne debris were to scrape the surface of the door. Damage that is severe would likely involve a collision of some sort. Door issues could be limited to the door's surface or could be present on both sides of a door.

The framework that comprises the undercarriage of a vehicle could also be compromised. During an inspection, a mechanic will open the affected door and may place your vehicle up on a lift. While your vehicle is on a lift, the mechanic can determine if the undercarriage was damaged too.

Repair Processes

A door that is badly damaged may be difficult to open and close. The constant friction that is applied to dented surfaces could cause paint to chip from the vehicle's door. Denting and paint chipping off will leave a vehicle door prone to rusting. A dentless repair process is used to remove small dents. A buffing process can typically be used to eliminate slight scratches from a vehicle's body.

If more extensive damage is present, heavy duty equipment may be needed to remove dents. If a damaged part of a door will be difficult for a mechanic to access while the door is intact, an auto body technician may need to remove the door. Once the door is removed, the mechanic can focus directly on removing the dents and performing cosmetic touchups to the door. A paint process will be needed for extensive damage.

You will receive a comprehensive quote for the repair work that is needed. If your insurance won't be covering the costs, and the price that you have been quoted is higher than the true value of the door, the mechanic who you have hired may recommend that you purchase a replacement door. The door that you use to replace your vehicle's door will need to be obtained from a business that sells pre-owned automotive parts and supplies.

Reach out to an auto body shop to find out more.