The Benefits of Mil Spec Coating

If you manufacture something that requires a specific color, you might be currently painting each individual part as it comes off the production line. While paint is a tried and true way to get the job done and is probably working well enough for you, there is another option you might want to consider. Contacting a military specification coating supplier about the benefits of powder coating could transform your products and the benefits that you provide to your customers. Here's why you might want to ditch the paint and opt for powder coating instead.

No Dry Time Means Greater Efficiency and Increased Production

When you paint a part or product that comes off of your production line, you are likely putting on more than one coat. But this often involves waiting for each individual coat to dry before you can put the next coat on. When you move to mil-spec grade powder coating instead, there is no drying time involved. The coating falls into place immediately. Powder coating is also so high quality that a second coat is likely not going to be needed anyway. Because you can finish the process of painting the part or product so quickly, this could lead to a greater overall efficiency and an increased output off of your production line at the end of the day.

Save Money and Storage Space

Powder coating also takes up less space than paint when it comes time to talk about storage. From an ounces standpoint, you don't need nearly as much powder to cover a part as you would if you were using paint. This means you can likely ditch the large paint cans that are taking up space in your warehouse and replace them with much smaller powder containers. Powder coating may also be less expensive than paint, especially when you consider that with paint you have to buy enough for multiple coatings and with mil spec powder, one coat is usually enough.

Less Waste to Worry About

When you use paint to cover a part or product, even the most precise painting tool is likely to leave a little bit of excess paint or waste behind within the painting area. Powder coating is extremely precise and sticks right to the part or product with very little to no waste being created. If you are currently having to deal with hazardous waste disposal thanks to an excess of wasted paint, a switch to mil spec grade powder coating could relieve you of this problem