Benefits Of Working With A Certified Body Shop For Collision Repair

If you are involved in an accident with your car and need repairs that meet exacting standards, finding a shop that has the right tools and equipment to work on your vehicle is critical. For high-end cars, repairing the body needs to be done carefully if the vehicle is going to retain its value. 

Finding a Certified Shop

Before you send your car to the body shop. You need to check in with the shop and see if they can fix your high-end vehicle. A Maserati, for instance, has extremely close tolerances, and for the car to look and drive as good as the day it came off the assembly line, the repairs need to be perfect. 

Often the manufacturer of a car like this will work with the body shop to train the technicians and then certify the shop as a factory authorized collision center. Once the shop has met all the standards, they will be able to repair your car, and often the vehicle will retain the factory warranty because the repairs where made precisely the way the manufacturer wants them done.

Paint Restoration

If your Maserati needs paint repair or restoration, working with the certified shop means the shop has access to the same paint that was put on the car at the factory. Often the entire car is repaired to avoid any color inconsistencies, but when the car is complete, the paint will look as good as it did when it was new. 

Like the collision work, the manufacturer will often dictate the kind of paint the shop should use and the color of the paint that is right for your car. Depending on the year the car was built, the paint color may look the same but have a slightly different tint to it, but working with the factory-certified shop allows you to get the exact color of the original paint put back on the car. 

Mechanical Repairs

Sometimes your car will need mechanic repairs after a collision or accident. If this is the case, the shop you work with should have the ability and the training to make those repairs when they have the car in the shop. The factory-certified shop will use factor parts to make repairs to the car then use factory parts for the body as well. When the repairs are complete. The car will look and drive like a new car, and the manufacturer will usually stand behind the repairs because they were made in a certified shop. 

For more information, contact Maserati-certified body shops in your area.