How a Mobile Auto Body Shop Can Support Fleet Vehicles

When you have a fleet of vehicles to manage and maintain, you can't afford to have your drivers spending time bringing cars into the shop for every ding and scratch. Instead, have an auto body specialist come to you to provide fleet service!

What Types of Repairs Are Possible?

Not all damage is possible to repair on the spot. But, there are a significant number of things that you can have addressed by a mobile auto body repair specialist. These include the following. 

Hail damage – Hail damage can often just be dents in the bodywork. If you have a whole fleet of vehicles that were damaged by a hail storm, having someone come to you can save you a lot of time. Paintless dent repair can pop those dents back out and smooth the body panels to look like new.

Paint damage – Mobile labs can sample and match the color of your cars, so they can repair minor paint damage on the spot. Small body damage can also be smoothed over and then painted at the same time.

Headlight cleaning and restoration – Over time, head lamps can develop a film over them that degrades the brightness of the headlights. A mobile service can remove the film or, if necessary, replace the headlight unit on site.

Window chips and cracks – one of the most common types of damage is a crack or chip in the window. If caught early, these chips can be filled, preserving the window. Full window replacements can also be done on site, getting the car back on the road in a matter of hours.

Interior repairs – There are many types of surfaces that can become scratched, worn, or cracked inside a car that sees heavy use. Interior repairs can involve replacing cracked surfaces, polishing out scratches, replacing broken parts, and even blending and color-matching fabric, vinyl, and leather seat repairs.

Wheel rim nicks and chips – Rims can become rough and scraped from curbs or debris. Minor damage can be smoothed and finished without the need of heavy equipment. For painted rims, the dents and scratches can be repaired and then re-painted.

What Are the Benefits?

Bringing the repairs to your lot can save you time and preserve your business revenue stream. Fleet cars represent your company name, so keeping them looking good is almost as important as making sure that they are mechanically sound. Some specific benefits include the following. 

Keep your drivers on the road – If your people are tied up waiting for cosmetic repairs, then they are not out driving and making money for your business.

Address multiple problems at once – Your fleet can be serviced all at once versus piecemeal.

Ease of scheduling – It is much easier to schedule a visit to your place of business than to manage multiple vehicle drop-offs at a body repair shop.