Patch A Small Tear In Your Car's Vinyl Convertible Top

Learn how to patch a small tear in your car's vinyl convertible top by following these instructions. Once you have complete the repair, moisture will not penetrate through the top, preventing damage to the interior of your vehicle.

Materials Needed

  1. non-abrasive cloth
  2. mild dish detergent
  3. water
  4. upholstery thread
  5. upholstery needle
  6. scissors
  7. safety pins
  8. marine vinyl duct tape
  9. fabric adhesive
  10. cotton swab

Clean The Damaged Area And Stitch The Tear

Close the convertible top. Add a couple drops of mild dish detergent to a damp, non-abrasive cloth. Wipe the damaged area with the cloth to remove debris that is on the vinyl surface. Rinse the cloth out with plain water and wipe the damaged area before drying the vinyl with a clean cloth. Secure the torn fabric with a couple safety pins. Cut a piece of upholstery thread that is slightly longer than the tear. Insert one end of the thread through the end an upholstery needle and knot the end.

Stitch the torn area. Place the needle through the two edges of the tear and pull it straight through until the thread is taut. Insert the needle through the two pieces of fabric, beginning on the opposite side, and pull it straight through. Continue alternating in this manner, pushing the needle through from one side of the tear and then inserting it through the other side of the tear until the damaged area is repaired. Cut the end of the thread close to the vinyl and tie it in a knot.

Apply Fabric Adhesive And Tape

Use a cotton swab to apply fabric adhesive to the repaired portion of the vinyl. Wait for the adhesive to dry. The amount of time that it may take to dry will depend upon the brand of adhesive that you used and the temperature outside. Read the instructions on the back of the adhesive tube to get a good idea of how long you may need to wait.

Cut a piece of marine vinyl duct tape that is a little bit longer than the repaired area. Press it down firmly against the patched vinyl. The tape is waterproof and will prevent moisture from penetrating which could damage the fabric adhesive and thread that were used to make the repair. Go inside the car and locate the repaired fabric's underside. Cut a piece of marine vinyl duct tape and press it firmly against the convertible top's interior.

The convertible top will no longer be susceptible to leaks. Keep the vinyl top damage-free in the future by parking your car in a garage or under a carport whenever you are not driving and by avoiding harsh cleaning agents and abrasive scrub brushes or sponges when you are cleaning the vinyl. For professional tips, contact a company like Fred's Auto Interiors.