Dealing With Car Door Dings And Scratches

Chances are that your car, unless it is brand new, has some dings and scratches around the door areas. Careless people may frequently open their doors into yours, or bump it with carts and other items. This can be frustrating to deal with and costly to repair. There are ways to lessen or prevent the chance of your doors getting dinged. Some of these ways include:

Being proactive:

The best way to prevent door dings and scratches is not to get them in the first place. One of the tried-and-true ways of reducing the chance of getting a ding is not to park near any other cars. Try parking at the end of the parking row if possible. If the parking spaces slope downhill, make sure that no cars are able to park up-slope from you, as gravity will increase the chance that a car door will "get away" from the person opening it. You can also try to find a wider space or parking near cars where the doors are small and less likely to "reach" your car.

Using door protection:

Of course, sometimes trying to be proactive doesn't always work. You may find that no matter how far away you park, someone will still park next to you. That's where having door protection comes in handy. Some dealers and auto body shops will sell door guards that are specifically designed to fit and look good on your car. When professionally installed, these door guards can add a touch of style to your car and disguise the fact that you are using a door guard. There are also clear door bras and paint protectors available. Aftermarket door guards are another choice, but may not fit your car or look as good as the ones designed for your model. Temporary magnetic door guards are also available.

Fixing the dings:

Your final choice is to fix the dings and scratches as soon as you discover them. Minor scratches and dents may be able to be fixed at home. Before doing it yourself, be sure you know what kind of paint you have before you do anything. Dealing with clear-coat finishes, for example, require taking extra precautions. For the best and most thorough results, it's a good idea to have your car evaluated by a body shop. They will be the best judge as to whether you will need a quick touch-up or have the entire doors fixed and repainted. 

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